Quakes in the Knight

By Alejandro N. Marrero

There’s a quaking stillness in the night.

Its tremors fill my veins, invading my dreams and wakes me into sight.

Clearing my vision the time has become an enemy to my light.

How much of me would I give to shroud my mind in restful night.

An infant born into a world of cruelty yet eyes like all newborns filled with innocence.

His mind unappreciated was still curious and held suns of brilliance.

Though mothers and father’s could be blamed.

The child grew and held no disdain.

This son bared the torch and survived the fright.

Showing the world a strike from a match dispels the darkest of nights.

A spark in endless shores of pain.

His mind and body broken and shamed.

Parents no longer around to blame.

Yet nothing could freeze the suns within.

For this son grew into a man with a heart that wins.

Forever in battle with those who’d push him down.

People he cared for wanting him to give up. To drown.

Pushed and pushed they did for him to embrace the ground.

Still the child, then man did grow.

Like a seed taken root his heart remained bright and unmoved.

He fought and lost often for such is war.

However nothing could dim the sun in his core.

For he found a literature that embodied the light.

So for years he trained dispelling the night.

Years past that child now grown.

Molded by experiences he now knew he owned.

Though beaten, torn and ripped to pieces by people his body strengthened and toned.

He never surrendered and kept his palms steepled.

He used wisdom where others chose rants.

This lead him to mastering the awakening chants.

He conquered the seasoned and unrelenting forces of malevolence.

With a burning bright light of his newfound syllables of benevolence.

Later this warrior set off for an island.

He traded his sword for a pen and end.

The battles of life had shown him the lefts and the rights.

The darkness and the light.

The middle he sought.

In the end he wrapped himself in cloth Unprepared as always but chose stillness and a heart that cared.

With divinity’s robes no one dared.

With the conviction of logic and a complex past, he knew the scars would always last.

Yet this he also knew was untrue.

For everything changes and he could begin anew.

There’s a quaking stillness in the night.

Its tremors fill his veins, invading dreams and waking his sight.

Clearing his vision the time has become an enemy to light.

How much of myself would I give to shroud my mind in restful night.

But warriors are odd even with the victorious scars of their fights.

They keep their experiences and summon the light.

It helps ease the tremors of past pains.

In truth it was always his to gain.

With a flick of his thumb the darkness is gone.

One strike of the match and night comes undone.

So while his body suffers from a mind with no sleep.

He fights with his pen and writes what you read.

The tremors and nightmares may live in his veins.

But his mind is a diamond and the night can’t break in.

It can never be broken not truly for it breaks all that strikes.

The champion now seeks more than survival.

To thrive, to love, for innocence’s revival.

Somethings we battle after wars long won are done.

However you paint it, in this the light has won.

Now he’s the island the sun rises and sets.

He’s filled it with gardens, books and poets.

He’s built a place where fighting has ceased.

Yet he finds his peace troubled whenever he sleeps.

Still fate has given him experience.

He shakes off the tremors and his eyes open wide.

He fears nothing for in light darkness can’t hide.

He’s embraced all he is and in the end knows he was right.

This journey away took courage and change.

But the shores of destiny now look sane.

Even with tremors that quake in the night.

He need only open his eyes and see the light.

The traumas May tremor his body with frights.

Yet with a heart bright as suns he wins every fight.

He never stops reaching for that light.

Times come for healing and endings of strife.

Armed with a pen and a mind he sweeps clear.

He hopes you read these and find them dear.

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