I slept holy wow no waking up slept!

Last night i actually slept for seven hours straight. Being that it’s so rare for me to have continuous and uninterrupted sleep I wonder to myself what was different?

I’m A big follower of keeping to routines yet the day before I had only slept a bit over an hour with those same routines. My routine is basically 7:30-8:30pm it’s time to wind down from day, get some chamomile or herbal sedative equivalent tea made, take herbal sleep aide called ShutEye, melatonin, Xyzcal and then my prescribed scripts. Which is basically two medications at a low dose. I really appreciate as you can probably tell: over the counter or herbal remedies over just the pill fix agenda most see as therapy. I get in bed and read a bit so that my mind focuses on winding down. Then when the first stirring of tired creeps in I use a guided meditation for sleep and drift off.

Now what happens after I drift off is usually dreams of epic proportions, lots of thrashing around, snoring, restlessness and waking up. Continuous sleep is not something that happens often. And usually if it’s continuous it’s for four hours not anything past 5 like today I wake from. I’m guessing it was lack of sleep the night before than made it continuous.

Today I’ll have most of the day to myself even though I’ve got do some holiday shopping. Nothing crazy because we really prefer the holidays be for the kids but we have a lot of friends that share joy with us the holiday season too!

I’m easy a plant or a crystal and I’m golden. Those always make me happy but everyone else you just never know? I’m also pretty ocd about not having clutter around so it’s hard receiving and giving items that I myself would view as clutter.

Anyhow I’m doing the shopping early in the morning because I simply don’t like people around and like being first person in store. Wish they gift wrapped too!

Anyhow I’ve gotten sleep which means I need to use that energy to go run errands and hopefully not freak out too much about it.

I’ll update more later. Sorry it’s ranty but I’m not a polished anything. Just an unscripted regular person and okay with it.

Be well,


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