Friday’s how routines fly out the window when the energy of the weekend arrives. It was nice though. Got to hang out with friends we danced exchanged gifts and sang Christmas carols. It was a peaceful fun in a neighbor and friend’s beautiful home.

When We got home my husband crashed into slumber immediately. I wanted too as well but hey insomnia is legit. Eventually I fell asleep for a few hours I think three or four. So today I’ll be a bit tired.

Luckily the day is peaceful. Husband is at our friends house all day with college reunion of friends playing video games. LAN parties still exist.

I miss some people from Florida and it’s a struggle to stay away. Yet I know it’s better this way as the place doesn’t have the best of memories. Yet I’ll have to conquer that one day and visit.

My aunt sent me a text and said my other aunt and my nephew were in car accident. Nephew got stitches. Aunt is okay. How awful.

He’s going to be fine though thankfully. May Arya Tara always keep her sphere of light over those I love and who love as well.

Today my plans are meditation and a nap. Some tidying up and really just enjoying the blissful silence.

I may write a bit later. I’ve been working on my novel as well as some poetry just to get things out of my head. I’ve been focused on healing myself through every therapeutic thing I can find to do. I won’t just sit back and be only my diagnosed ailments. For I have hope it’s like a star and it’s something I’ll cultivate in hopes of one day having a life with no flashbacks, nightmare or anxiety, and panic attacks. I have hope I make future plans those afflictions are not included though I’ll not suppress.

My hair is getting long and it’s a mission keeping it blonde. It may be time to go el natural and return to being a brunette but for now it’s in the awkward phase so I’ll let it stay.

I hope everyone experiences happiness and joy and sleep.

Last night praying for sleep before falling into its embrace.

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