Well the goal was to get some meditation done and then a nap for a few very much needed hours but that didn’t work out I slept 45 minutes and it was light sleep too. At least meditating got me more balanced and afterwards made brunch for HubbÿKîńš.

There is so much to do but what can you do about it when you are running on fumes. A lot trust me but not very well!

I think I’m going to meditate again and give it another go. Yes I can be obsessive compulsive about meditating just as much as I can apparently be about cleaning, cooking, writing and blogging.

It may seem like meditating again is a waste of time even I think it sometimes. Yet why do I always have to be a productivity machine while everyone else okay mostly everyone else gets to actually enjoy their weekends leisurely. I’m in need of relaxation. It’s a healthy want.

I don’t want nightmares though so I’m just going to go for the meditation zone. Some guided mindful breathing and since I love metaphysical stuff I’m going to place some pretty gemstones around me and hope their mojo makes a difference. At least they’re pretty to look at.

Alright incense lit. Chanted a Buddhist chant and I’m going to give myself into meditating or at least being still for some time. It gave me a 45 minute nap before and a little zen. Right now I just want tranquility so I can be of use for the remaining of day.

Time to trigger my smart device and say “echo guided meditation” and bam that will do the trick. Secretly I always say “Guided Sleep Meditation” and find it best.

Wish I had something more profound to say but I don’t. Wishing everyone a good day though ❤️

Everyone should Wish for Zen and Zzzs.

Love citrine

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