Well here’s one I haven’t had before. Had a nightmare that I was homeless and then every time I acquired a home everyone would wreck it and try and cheat me out of paying for it. I was subleasing rooms out to pay for everything but no one did. Everyone had flip phones. Then creepy guys kept trying to sell and buy me off for a night just to make sure they’d find me staying wherever that was the following day. What woke me up? The flip phones. I looked at them and thought wait? How do these have iMessage if they’re so so small? What happened to my iPhone. It’s funny how when you wake up from a nightmare it’s because you notice something crazy off about it. At least that’s why I woke up this time. Everyone was laughing and pointing at me too ugh. This is why sleep is hard. If you get it even for a moment and yeah still not enough hours of it everything that plagues you is there in some weird torment. I couldn’t even VLOG yesterday I just had a biscuit and a hot dog I was so tired and didn’t want to leave the bed. Today i don’t know what I’ll do. I’m hoping the scary of the dream passes and I can nap but it’s hard too when I’m worried about waking up my husband and the rest of house is too cold to go nap or meditate in without starting a fire or opening doors cause we don’t let pets in room and the doors of our rooms in house are closed that and honestly rather be awake tired exhausted and shaken by a dream with husband next to me than alone in a corner of our giant house.

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