It starts with knots in my shoulders then getting up and down listless and forgetting what i was doing. Then I get confused and my neck bends down and my body cowers even though environmentally everything around me is fine. By some grace I find my medication (it’s take as needed) and walk around my green house touching each flower and plant hoping for it to kick in before it takes complete control. Luckily I had the foresight to sit down and breathe. So surrounded by plants, medication kicking in, I focused on my breath. Inhaling 7 exhaling 7 inhaling 6 exhaling 6 …..1 it helps and though I lose some memory and have to start back up from 7 to make it completely to 7 mindful breaths that’s fine and it worked. No dreaded memories surfaced, my knots will go away in a bit, I’ve composed myself enough to make myself chamomile tea and stop grinding my teeth. I’m calming down. It’s waning now it will probably take time for the adrenaline to leave completely and I’ll be shaky and restless and may even not catch sleep but it’s passing. It will pass. All is okay.

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