Happy Cold Rainy Sunday for us in Virginia. I’m hoping for fair weather, clear and pretty skies for everyone everywhere.

The week has come and now wanes. Had to take some time off blogging because had some family from husbands side come by and then of course we hung out with some friends and neighbors we hadn’t seen in a while.

For the last few days I’ve actually been getting a better amount of sleep which is a relief. Still have my anxieties and moments but all within manageable experiences.

I VLOG about five to six times a week. Sometimes my day gets busy and can’t. Yet it’s good to get what’s In my head out of it.

Since I’ve gotten more sleep I’ve been using that energy to work on my novels. One in particular that’s a Paranormal Fantasy that I’d like to have published and finished within the next month. Every time I work on it the novel gets more polished and the chapters get longer and make more sense. The outline and rough draft laid a good foundation but since it’s going to be very visible to the world figured it’s good to polish it up. I don’t expect perfection because I haven’t had the luxuries of a college education in literature but I am looking forward to it being published and having it as a passive income.

There are several stories I work on at the same time. But the goal is to get one of them at least Publish ready by February. I gave myself an unrealistic deadline of January but this year is almost up and so much has happened and I’m one person. Got to set realistic goals.

Today’s plan is basically what I had Friday want had planned for Saturday before they welcomed distractions of friends. To relax and work on my book. I’ve already done some gardening in green house and worked on aquariums. Some me time is part of the plan for a peaceful Sunday and hopefully a return to my early bedtime rituals I appreciate Sunday through Thursday.

I wish everyone a happy new year!

I’ll write back more later.


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