Whenever I think of a peaceful setting my mind thinks of a leaving to a remote place. With just the basics needed to survive and be at peace. Make my own routine, go to bed alone, sleep, read, write. No distractions. Sounds of nature and my own breath being the ambience.

Well that’s impossible to get for most of us. Yet I try. I end up going to bed early so I can read by myself, then drift to sleep. Then of course I’m woken up by weird dreams. Then kept awake because it’s no longer quiet.

People are an obstacle to my peace. Suddenly everyone’s got a huge chunk of time off. Congrats. Does that mean I have to change my schedule and routines to suit everyone for their accumulation of pto?

Absolutely not. But whatever I get up I go do the things that need be done. Because I’m the only one awake and I can’t sleep unless the conditions for it are effing perfect.

Once I’ve taken care of chores and all the things that I was told would be done but wasn’t while I was working on my book. Finally I’m at a point I can breathe slightly better.

So the bed is made now that it’s empty. I’m going to light some incense. Do a guided sleep meditation and hope that it gives me some well deserved sleep.

On the bright side noticed my word count on my novel is passed 80k so it’s really getting a lot of work done.

Anyways maybe I’ll research some writing or Buddhist meditation retreats happening soon so I can plan a trip and solo time. I’m in need of it. Laziness is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t really care if you take a day or two to relax we all deserve it. But laziness is not relaxing for your health it’s slothing cause you don’t care enough about yourself or Anyone enough to do anything.

Well enough of my blogging rant. I’ve set up my nap corner on the rug and going to try and meditate cause I’ve been at it since just past midnight and my ciesta starts when people wake up and get out of my way.

Ps be kind. I may be slightly sleep deprived, over whelmed with people having endless time off and bitchy but it doesn’t mean I’m being unkind to anyone. I remain engaging in kind things and self care. Like watering my garden and meditation and caring for fish tank and cleaning the house etc.

So even if your mind is scatter brained and your body is exhausted from lack of sleep remember it’s just your body don’t let it control your mind too much be mindful breathe and maybe just have some quiet time where people don’t challenge your peace.

My weird possibly worth less than but still worded two cents.


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