So after some Zen and Zzzs I made myself tea and hit the novels. Writing for hours and hours I never realize how quickly the time flies when your invested and traveling the urban fantasy world story you’re writing.

I’ve closed the lid on my laptop. Cleaned the glass of the aquarium and now am just having some tea staring at my Aquarium for a bit letting my mind decompress from all the writing.

Yeah I know haven’t put up any VLOGs but husband has basically week off and I usually like to do my blog posts solo as a break in my day.

Now I’m going to feed all the fishies and watch them eat and have fun. Then figure out what I’ll do later. For now the plan is not to write anymore on my novels and just relax a bit.

Have a little bit of anxiety coming up so I’m going to be mindful and breathe too

Happy 2020

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