So I meditated and then fell asleep for a bit. That’s good. I’m getting tired of not sleeping but it’s just the way things are.

Today I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do around the house but zero motivation. I want to just work on my novel or read and stay happily quiet and still.

But alas we can’t always do that. Especially having people around for the day off. Funny how that works.

Luckily it seems I’m getting floor naps to be a thing. They’re keeping me sane. I’m considering getting a king size bed or a tent that’s a tunnel so i can just get some quiet introverted bliss in there when I want to unpeople myself.

I do have a guest bedroom but it’s only for guests and i don’t want to stay there I like my own room just fine.

So back to writing my book and being tired.

Remaining as positive as i can while being a bit sleep deprived.

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