So I’ve been going to bed and waking up at 1:30-2:30am every day. After my husband leaves for work I make the bed then get ready for a guided sleep hypnosis on the high piled rug on the floor. I light incense, get Teo worry stones which are made of labradorite to palm as I lay on my back on the floor with two to three layers of throws on me. Then a small neck pillow and take a sip of chamomile tea and a sleep tonic with sedative herbs. So basically I nap from 7:45am for an hour or two after being calm enough from the guided meditation.

I feel like a vampire up at night sometimes napping during day for small amounts.

Luckily I spend the five hours of quiet awake in bed productively working on my novel which by the way is really getting near completion! Launch is still set for January February and in two weeks I’ll have my friends do some proof reading and get it a once over before publishing it.

Anyways on the bright side I found more fish babies in aquarium. Kind of makes me happy seeing them in my underwater garden.

Time for guided meditation I’ve been working on novels for hours and head hurts from lack of sleep.

Wish me Zen and Zzzs.

The Kind Gardener

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