Well it’s time to head to the dentist. Well I’m always early so it’s almost time to head there. An hour from now I’ve got to get there.

Made a VLog today twice and had storage issues so I’ll have to do that later again. Fun stuff.

It was aggravating me so I figured oh well it’s not the time and last thing I wanted was to get worked up like I did yesterday and have an explosive temper tantrum and rage clean my house.

The good news is I slept last night! Hallelujah praise cheese! That may sound weird but I like cheese.

Also I’m weird and own up to it.

So now I’ve got to stop editing my novel and go get my teeth checked out. Nothing wrong with them just a checkup.

Still haven’t gotten the nerve to ask for refills on some sleep medications cause I can’t fathom the side effects or how they will affect my writing or mind.

But yeah I guess sleep is important. I just want to be medicine free. Even if i know it’s impossible with the severity of my condition.

Anyhow I’ve been doing my best drinking gallons of chamomile or kava kava tea and tinctures with valerian root and magnesium and letheniane which is probably spelled wrong.

I even take over the counter allergy medicine xyzcal cause it’s supposed to not only help my allergies but help me sleep. Also herbal supplements called ShutEye.

You’d think I’d be sleeping like a baby but nope.

Alright I guess I’m procrastinating enough and need to deice the windshield of my car and drive a whole three minutes to dentist office.

Write back soon xoxo

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