I was so ramped up from my rage cleaning and “moment” earlier that I ended up ordering food delivery and just going back to editing my novel.

I did try and read a bit of fantasy novel that wasn’t mine but just didn’t have attention span for it.

So I’m just going to try and do some guided sleep meditation on Apple Music on my echo and hopefully fall asleep fast and stay asleep. Tomorrow is the dentist appointment and I don’t want to self sabotage my sleep my overthinking which is kind of a default state.

Tonight I’m going to use heavy blankets and hold onto to some crystals in bed while I meditate with this tincture I got from amazon that supposedly helps you sleep.

We shall see. Either way got two appointments to make this week and more in the future. My life is going back to the you need therapy bs.

Sigh shit I know but it’s not easy leaving home.

Anyways hopefully my husband doesn’t snore or wake me up tonight I need the sleep. If he does I’m taking the linens and going to sleep on the couch.

Well wish me zen and Zzz 💤

I need the sleeps so bad.

Hopefully anxiety isn’t so high tomorrow

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