Just woke up from a short nap. Seems that’s becoming the only way to accumulate sleep these days. Write and write, proofread and edit. Do all the right things then have barely any sleep at night then have to take kitty naps once or twice a day for an hour here or there. Only possible with some guided meditation streaming tracks from Apple Music.

This last nap i woke up from Had a vivid dream my parents were in. I was visiting them because a young lady gave me her baby for adoption and wanted to introduce baby to my parents. They ignored the baby and told me about their electric bill while they cut coconuts from their coconut palm trees.

Then my baby turned into a puppy that looked like my other dog and suddenly my parents swooned. Of course then the puppy would jump into my arms and turn back into a baby? So I apparently adopted a werewolf. My parents asked for me to turn the baby back into a dog because it would match my other dog. But I said no my baby isn’t a dog.

Throughout this my parents had accumulated a bunch of vases that were oddly shaped. They looked like giant three foot wine glasses with marble looking stems but a clear globe on top. Inside each upper glass globe were different types of live fish.

I asked my parents why they had fish and they said it was because they like glass and eat shrimp. I didn’t get it. Then suddenly some woman came by to make sure I was doing well with my adoptive child who had not changed back into a puppy. My child was happy my parents said I was an abomination to I guess the social worker. The social worker asked why my parents cabinets had plates that had left over Chinese food in them. I asked my parents why do you have plates of food in the cabinets.

My parents explained they just keep it there in between snacking and then gave us a tour of their yard. Us being me and the social worker and baby.

My dad was again fussing about his coconut trees and the lady told him there isn’t any in Pennsylvania. In my head I was like duh. Then she said however they can be grown in green houses and I was like that’s believable. My dad said green houses were stupid and for hippies.

At this point I looked around and realized how different my parents house was from when I was a kid before they kicked me out. I told them do you need my help. I can stay around for a few days and help you tidy up the place.

My mom said no that’s okay just help me get some more Chinese food from the cabinet and feed the fish. I’m like don’t you think you have enough weird looking glass globes with fish? They’re in front of the cabinets too you have to move them every time you want to open them. Her response was my house my rules.

I look at the social worker and think oh I’m sorry I had no idea they’d lost their minds. My parents wanted to get fresh air so they opened the back sliding door of a small kitchen into a screened in porch attached to an airport.

The social worker left and caught her flight from there. I turned around and started to tell my parents again that if they need help I’d clean there house up make it nice and easier for them and help whatever way I could for a few days.

They told me no way it costs too much electricity. Then my dad brought in a coconut that was green yet full of white meat inside and offered it to us to eat. I ate the sweet white slushy coconut meat and thought wow that’s good but usually these types are more water than white meat. My dad then says not these because they’re not in greenhouses and the top part of a coconut he then shoved a lightbulb into and it turns on.

I’m like okay so why did you just do that and how did you make the lightbulb turn on with a coconut. He told me it was because of the coconut water and the left over Chinese food.

Then I asked if they’d come live up north with me in a cabin on my property and they said no they’re not senile and weren’t leaving Florida. I pointed to the cabinets full of Chinese food and all the aquarium globes and all the madness and they said I wouldn’t understand and again complained about electricity.

So at this point I was like okay I’m going to go call me if you need anything. Seriously either of you because you’re worrying me and your grandchild.

Then as I hopped into a car that looked like a self driving delorian from back to the future I was like what in the heck and I woke up.

– now awake

That is some messed up crazy dream. All from a nap. This is what apparently happens while I’m napping. It made no sense and was so realistic I had to write it down before I forgot.

I’ll write back later need some tea and want to get out of room for a bit.

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