I just woke up. Took a moment to dry the tracks of tears and Cristinus from my eyes.

I dreamed I was homeless and living in a shack that was basically made of scraps and i got attacked over and over again by people. Then every time I’d end up in the hospital they’d restrained me and pump me full of heavy drugs and i couldn’t get out. Then when I finally got out an old boss I had appeared out of nowhere and showed me a mountain overhang that had a cave I could live in if I didn’t sue their corporation. Then somehow was having flashbacks of all the horrible things third party disability companies made me go through to get my paychecks. Having to deal with that third party disability company over and over again for merited Paychecks. Suddenly I was on a beach at night and two old bosses beat me up making me promise i would not survive unless I promised not to sue them. This woke me up.

I didn’t realize where I was for a moment until my heart rate calmed down. I’m safe on my couch downstairs

Looks like I’ll be sporting three hours of hellish sleep and running on fumes again today.

I’m too stressed to go back to sleep and wired up from having a moment.

I’ll have to write later I need to calm down get some tea and maybe when my husband goes to work in a few hours I’ll go back to my room and find some naps that are peaceful.

Right now to shaken. I wish I wasn’t broken

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