Okay so I passed out for an hour. Still tired but at least it wasn’t for several hours that I’d ruin my chances of falling asleep later. At least I hope not.

I nap on the floor don’t ask me why but for some reason it’s where I’m most successful doing the guided sleep hypnosis that takes me to Nap Town.

I’m in a fog right now and my pillow had a wet mark on it. Apparently I sleep with my mouth open to the side and drool. How cute. Maybe it’s good thing I sleep on the floor then!

I remember dreaming so maybe I had some REM or something. Isn’t REM only something that happens when your dreaming? I don’t know. I may have to search google for it.

So I am still waking up and tired. Off the floor and onto the bed now. Mainly cause I wanted to be able to grab my phone and write a blog update and catch up on any missed texts.

I have no texts lol. Well that’s okay. On Instagram I’ve got some hearts from strangers who like my new silver and black locks of hair. Otherwise it’s been quiet. Then again I haven’t checked Facebook because it’s an election year. I’m trying to only use it in doses. It’s overwhelming how many notifications I get and I don’t even have 100 friends on there.

My husband has let me know that we’re going to be hosting a tabletop DND group monthly on Saturdays. He asked if I want to play. I do and I don’t. If it’s more than five people chances are I just want to let it be his and our mutual friends thing and stick around in the periphery.

What can I say hosting is taxing. Luckily they’re all good friends of ours so it should be easy peesy lemon squeezey. Though if it’s anything like I remember from my younger years it will be hours long and involve pizza.

I think I need a new hobby. One that makes the house smell good and is fun to do. Making making scented candles or soaps. Maybe both? I have no passion for it but it might be cool. Who doesn’t love soaps? Technically I’m more of a body wash person so don’t answer that.

I really am wishing it was Monday. I know I know none of you wish that but for me it’s my peaceful day. Everyone’s working and silence is prevalent and I’m able to work on my book with no need to be distracted or entertain anyone.

Writing means I need quiet time. Not the blaring of the television from the living room in basement where my husband probably is passed out listening to YouTube or watching some streaming service.

Life maybe would be easier if I was into TV but really I only binge watch stuff if I’m sick and it has to be too sick to read kind of sick. I also only like dystopian paranormal sci-fi’s and fantasy’s so the pickings are slim.

I did watch the #witcher on Netflix because it was off the books and whatever I loved the sorceress in it.

Fun fact I had a close friend for i don’t know how many decades but pretty sure it was bit over Two and for no reason she blocked me. She does this like all the time. So this last time I basically said to myself alright. Well whatever. My life is full of good people who are wholesome, mature and good. Don’t put me on time out till they need something.

I’ve noticed a lot of ads when I read other people’s blogs or in my email box on how to make money as a blogger. I guess that’s a thing. It looks complicated. It also seems like I’d have to put ads on my posts and I don’t know if I’m at a point where I feel comfortable with there being posts around my posts that advertise some product or service. What if it’s for something unethical or political. Yeah that’s not me. I’ve paid for my domain for a year don’t need any extra income from this at the moment. Plus I imagine when my family or friends find my blog they’ll have words to say.

Like “are you okay? We’re here for you. Call us anytime. What’s wrong?” These are the kind of things I don’t want. I just like putting my thoughts out into the ether hoping it’s read by someone and just shows ya there’s a dude with bad grammar that writes about his life typos and all unfiltered and it’s cool cause he’s human and isn’t afraid to wear his crazy on the outside.

Through the blogging which by the way was my therapists idea. Though she probably doesn’t know it’s location or url. Is actually kind of a therapy for me. I can’t tell you enough how aloof and forgetful I am. Poor memory what can I say. Comes with the territory.

I’m not a ‘talk on the phone guy” but if I’m driving home and not worried about getting lost I’ll call my friends or family for funzies. Just to catch up momentarily. It’s usually pretty mundane. “How’s the weather? How was work? Did you enjoy the weekend? How are so and so doing?”

I’ve been told and even I can admit I’m not the greatest listener. Maybe i got it from my parents. Or from life experiences. Maybe it’s part of my condition where I can’t seem to focus on anything of relevance for long? I will remember the important stuff like how something made you feel. But if you monologue like I do in my posts then my head kind of starts to day dream and before I realize it I’m like. “Can you repeat that last part? Or was that a yes or a no?”

Some people are easy to talk too. Actually I think a lot of people are. Others not so much. I guess it depends on the content. I’m really okay with not saying a word and just being around a fire pit with my friends staring out in silence at the flames like the scarlet robes lady from Game of Thrones. Or hanging out in a living room or at the kitchen bar just hanging out being present for the company but not needing to entertain or be entertained. Companies enough. Does that make sense?

Anyways like usual I’m probably rambling. So I’m going to go read some blogs and look for a book to read that I’ve not been writing lol.

To anyone in the ether that reads this stuff I post. Thanks. Those stars ⭐️ you hit make my heart felt heard.

May all be well.


2 thoughts on “The visit to Nap Town had dreams and drool

  1. Oh definitely play! It is one game that allows movement during the game. You can easily host and play at the same time as you’re not glued to a chair. Enjoy 😉

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