So I gathered my throws that i use for floor napping and lit some Tibetan Healing incense and went to basement floor and did my floor meditation setup.

Listened to

It helped me get some sleep. I’m still only at just last four hours. But you can see where I napped sleep in Red. The colors change to yellow when you get near 7 hours then Green when you hit anything above eight.

If you have an Apple Watch the app is called AutoSleep. You install and it just records your sleep.

I think these days it’s helpful for us to track our sleep. Heart rate and write about our moments and flare ups of ptsd, insomnia, agoraphobia, anxiety. It may not always be comfortable to do so but in the end it’s helpful for people to understand and see how it’s not subjective or something we make up in our heads it’s also objectively proven.

I will say that though it’s chronic in most cases I still think and engage in practices that help along the way ease the sufferings of these moments we all have. Meditation and reading, setting up a routine, gardening even it’s is just a plant under a sansi grow bulb during winter to take care of, an aquarium, hobbies, positive thinking and mindfulness they’re all helpful. So we should try just try to not only survive but thrive.

May all beings experience peace and happiness

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