Yeah I know that’s a misspelled title. Yet after only two hours of sleep just forgive me and carry on.

I’ve spent the hours I’ve been awake writing. Proof reading and editing mostly. Since the book is done and I’m basically polishing it.

Hoping to print it Monday or Tuesday. Then bind it have my friends read it. See what they think.

I’ve got no formal writing education so I’m sure there will be errors in grammar and all that jazz but hey at least it’s something I finished and it’s a good story I’ve enjoyed writing.

Now simply waiting for husband to get out bed from his ten hours of sleeping so that I can go back to the room and do a guided sleep hypnosis meditation on the floor in solitude. Cause I can’t nap unless I’m alone and 2 hours of sleep just won’t cut it for me.

Still he shows no sign of waking. Which isn’t a surprise. Sleep, sleep, sleep it’s what his superpower is.

Meanwhile I’ve fed the fish, and been working on my book since just after two am.

The life of a writer with insomnia and hermit tendencies.

Alright maybe I can shower or something while he sleeps forever. Though I rather shower after it’s my turn to sleep.


Carry on ~

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