So every single webmd thing says no grapefruit with so and so medication.

My response is no citrus of any kind.

Unless of course I’m making salmon but I’m just baking it with it.

Went to my husbands best friends house today. Was hard to go cause hey it was the opportunity to be alone at home and nap but I made it a mission to try and go somewhere and not be stuck working at home On novel all weekend.

It was fun we had lasagna and everyone made fun of how much Parmesan cheese I love. I didn’t feel guilty I live for cheese.

Anyways I told them about my crazy nap dreams and they’re like omg why would you put that on the internet.

I answered honestly because I’d forget if i didn’t write it down first thing but yeah it sounds crazy.

It’s just a dream though. Okay I’m home ttyl

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