Ahhhh it’s coming!

Stopped writing and started to catch up on phone messages and suddenly realized I was grinding my teeth and my back and neck are knotting up and filled with tension. Hands are shaking. What was the trigger? I’ve no idea. I hate that question. Sometimes almost always everything environmentally is fine and I have a level ten panick attack. Ugh never ask that. ‘What’s the trigger.’ Ugh! There isn’t always an answer or a trigger! …. okay I need to stop.

I just know I’m about to be consumed and need to remedy this quick.

Taking medicine. Lit some incense and chanted a Buddhist prayer. Phones on do not disturb. This ones going to be a strong one. So I’m going to disconnect from the net. I can barely think straight. Need to lie down and try and do a guided mindfulness meditation and hope medicine kicks in soon. Fml

Hate these horrible moments my body is consumed with panicked painful tremors of dread.

I’ll be back when it passes. Please pass soon.

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