In Buddhism for those of us that try and follow the Buddha Dharma we can some up our religion in one sentence.

“Our philosophy is Kindness”

We cultivate the altruistic attitude to do our best to practice loving kindness and compassion for all beings.

There’s no asterisk, no exception. All beings are deserving of freedom from suffering and the causes and conditions for happiness and peace.

So when someone disparages or wishes ill of another being. Wether it be a political figure, celebrity, enemy, friend, neighbor, loved one, family or acquaintance. Your compassion and loving kindness is incomplete and flawed.

For all sentient beings without exception are equal in wanting happiness and freedom from suffering Without exception.

You can’t pick or choose who merits your kindness and doesn’t. This is wrong view. This is contrary to the Dharma and peace in general.

I’m not saying it’s easy or that I’m free of anger, ignorance or hatred nor do I claim a mind pristine and enlightened. I’m simply saying there’s no asterisk when it comes to how we should treat others.

We should engage in ethics that are universally considered good. Retraining from killing, divisive speech, theft, sexual misconduct, and abuse of intoxicants that cloud the mind. Those five ethics are universal. They’re challenging to follow and adhere too. However it’s the foundation to living a meaningful and positive precious human life.

Hatred, Attachment, Ignorance are the root illnesses of the mind that creates the causes and conditions of suffering.

Just think about it next time. You don’t have to be a Buddhist.

Ask yourself before you think, speak or act: “what is the state of my mind” If the answer is not for the benefit and happiness of all sentient beings, filled with virtue and altruism then maybe you should take a moment to take a deep breath, become mindful, be silent and wait till those thoughts and intents have passed till you act on them.

Now most of us are not monks, or live in remote areas or monasteries or hermitages that are conducive to self reflection and the abandonment of misdeeds. Also many of us suffer from illnesses of the mind and body that our out of our immediate mindful control.

That’s okay. We’re not perfect. We don’t have to be. We just have to do our best to not further the causes of suffering and thus engage instead in the causes of happiness.

That’s my two cent rant. May it be of benefit to all without exception from this imperfect flawed and unenlightened mind.