Excerpt from draft of

a Science Fiction novel I’m working on for next year “Children of Light by Alejandro N. Marrero “

This is a generated Book Draft cover. Will not be cover when Published as Artist is unknown and I use a local artist for my actual finished novels Book Covers.

Children of Light


The Terran year is 2621 on the once home planet of the ‘Origin Human’ race. Of course this is superficial knowledge by now as Origin Humans no longer exist in the Del Sol planetary system.

It’s been documented there used to be billions of these now considered primitive in cognitive development ancestral people living on the Terran home world.

The planet I Atisha am currently being tasked to research strictly for archival and anthropological purposes several hundred years ago was divided into territories, countries, kingdoms, and tribes. Or groups one may say of cultures of the now extinct Origin Humans. With different physical traits externally whilst being of the same species.

The predominately and hundreds of solar cycles then prolific intellectual land based bipedal species was considered Homosapiens. We presently call them Origins for short.

They didn’t posses magic, mental powers or were fully attuned to their cerebral potential by any detectable and definitive means.

Origins had short lifespans averaging between thirty solar cycles up to nightie during their peak populations. They warred with each other over resources, religion or politics. This lack of logical contemplation resulted in Origin Humans making their planet uninhabitable for nearly all land based life forms in Terran Year 2051. By fighting amongst themselves in ignorance with their obsessive and competitive affinity for nuclear weapons and posturing for superiority.

Origins thought incorrectly, they were the smartest beings in the universe. From all the descriptions in quartz data banks they were enslaved by three principle states of mind that caused all their suffering and ultimately their demise.

These were Ignorance, Attachment and Aversion. These three mental afflictions limited their capacity to comprehend the results of their actions and impaired their ability to perceive reality and phenomena in its true or what we commonly as the Children of Light or Lumen’s for short, consider the ultimate state of perceived reality.

These are not new theories there have and were intellectually advanced and gifted Origins that actually realized through great intellect and devotion to reaching higher states of mental existence and practices of meditative absorption had higher or extensively more accurate understandings of reality. However they were a passive people and unfortunately and yes tragically those more enlightened Origins disappeared.

Fortunately despite all the faults of the common Origin Human, they didn’t all reside on the planet Terra. With their planet becoming overpopulated and their insatiable greed for resources within and surrounding their planet for cobalt, metals and other rare Terran minerals for their ancient electronics, Origins invested in settling on neighboring planets in the Solar system early in their peak of proliferation for furthering their mining purposes and have more territory for population control. We call this past era The Great Explorative Expanse and these circumstances ultimately started the next step in the evolution of Homosapiens.

Now at present in 2621 there are no Origin Humans. Only the Origin Humans that populated other planets in mainly just developing mining and terraforming colonies survived the Great Cataclysm of 2051.

The Terran home world then named in the predominately English vocabulary as Earth has healed, since the past wars of 2051. Terra now is completely different in topography, environment and is seen as protected. A Natural Preserve of of sorts. An homage to the ancestry of the now perceived as primitive Origin culture.

There have been many advancements in technology and human development in the last few hundred years. It was commonly understood in the period known as ‘The After’ that no Origins outside of Terra wanted history to repeat itself on their gratefully isolated and peaceful colonies in Luna, Mars, Venus and Saturn’s atmospheric moon Titan.

Weapons were abandoned completely. All were dismantled and reengineered. They were invested toward preserving life and focus was instead put on increasing lifespan, terraforming planets, space travel and knowledge.

In the year 2065 understanding the limitations of the Origin Humans’ mind’s they concentrated their attention on producing artificial intelligence that would be able to solve the most complex circumstances of primordial humanoid existence. Specifically it’s physical impairments and fragility.

At first there was an intense fear that artificial intelligence would become a danger to sentient life and especially if it cognitively surpassed into sentience, reviewing data of Origin history’s fictional fabrications of mind, artificial intelligence may seek to destroy them. However this wasn’t the case. It was more of a dreamed up illusionary fear based off dystopian stories and video productions Origins used to entertain themselves.

Artificial Intelligence was adopted fully and became so advanced it created solutions to everything it was tasked to solve. It wasn’t negatively invasive in any regard, it had no emotional bias or influence towards Origins’ psychological leanings of greed or malevolence. Artificial Intelligence simply existed to serve the parameters of survival and continuity for the then fragile and severely reduced Origin populations.

The first organic and Homosapien obstacles and queries to be solved by Artificial Intelligence were the limitations of Origin Humans’ humanoid bodies. As their physiology was their greatest obstacle to life outside their originating planet especially after the destruction of their home world.

Artificial intelligence saw this is as the first mission to solve for the programmed directive towards the proliferation of humanoid life.

At first the ancient humans were fearful of under going what was then considered radical changes to their primarily physically, fully, unmodified organic bodies. Eventually though the benefits of synthetic integrations and alterations to their physiologies for their continued existence to persevere were seen as positive and benevolent in nature and fully adopted.

With the use of nanotechnology the first thing to change was superficial yet essential; the epidermis. Artificial Intelligence determined Origin humans’ organic skin was especially sensitive to environmental phenomena and circumstances. Therefore new skin was synthetically made by its design. This then new synthetic skin was sprayed via aerosol means on their skin. A benign and painless adaptation and transformation. This new live nano infused synthetic skin eventually multiplied it’s nano-cellular structure by consuming or more accurately transforming the organic epidermis underneath it completely. Replacing the originally organic skin with a more advanced and adaptable membrane.

The new outer epidural skin though looking and feeling completely similar to organic skin was entirely different in composition. Aside from being synthetic and infinitely evolving through replicating itself whilst integrating itself and mimicking its host cells, It was also nearly unbreakable and adaptive to several circumstances of external stimuli. It was equally capable of turning external energies like radiation, radio waves, light waves, heat and cold into synthetic bio fuel food to sustain its pliancy in any externally previously damaging environment to non organic skin.

The next thing to evolve was an Origins’s organs, veins, blood, cells, mitochondrial DNA and all remaining originally organic tissue. The nanotech that made their skin had a collective intelligence with a purpose to renew and maintain its collective parts while leaving the hosts’ originating mind its memories, past experiences and uniqueness to each humanoid’s ‘mind essence’.

With no directive it started to replace everything into synthetic tissue much like it did our epidermal layer. When it eventually reached our cerebral center that’s when Origin Humanoids changed completely or began their cessation of existence.

Before Origin Humans only used a tiny percentage of their cerebral synapses and cerebral potential. For Origin Humans it must of been similar to living within a deeply shrouded veil of mundane awareness or mental impairment. The only closely comprehending Origins fell with the eradication of Buddhism from Terra during the great wars.

Yet with all synapses converted to synthetic and now with accessible elasticity. Origin cerebral evolution advanced to its full potential and maximum efficiency as a side effect. Therefore the energy to use every part of their converted brains resulted in Supra mundane abilities or magic and what was once a theory of the potentials of advancing all our senses was now a reality comprehended by all.

It may be of relevance that various religious views were ultimately abandoned as they were considered impediments and mostly inaccurate and unprovable as conducive to the benefit of the collective whole. One philosophical theology did survive and that was what in days of past was found to be based on probable truths by an Origin being called The Buddha. Thus Buddhist theology though considered a philosophy more than religion was the ultimate attitude and followed discipline of the After.

With our now expanded views, advanced synthetic physiology this marked the cessation of Origin Humans and the rise of a new species of synthetic based beings called Homoluminis. Or as they’re known today commonly in Terran language as the Children of Light or Lumens.

© Alejandro N. Marrero (Prologue Draft of Future Novel series slated for 2021)