Dreamed that somehow I was an archeologist exploring an abandoned city that was held in a theme park. The city was haunted and no one was allowed to leave.

Whenever the ghosts in charge of the town would get riled up you had to gather sticks for them to be appeased. The sticks couldn’t be pretty they had to have knots and elbows in it. Their favorite ones were hollowed out pieces of wood.

Inside the park there was a huge aquarium. Inside it was a mermaid statue graveyard with no fish. The young couple who lived in the aquarium side of theme park said the statues came to their town alive and used to be people.

I tried to take photos of the statues but they kept moving positions. Then there was a tremor and it was time to gather funky looking sticks and branches to appease the ghosts. Once ghosts were appeased the shaking concluded then everyone would be able to chill out at their outdated wild Wild West type homes ghost free.

No one had smart devices just books and old newspapers that were outdated. They thought my phone was insane as I showed them what it could do. They said they’d been at the retired haunted theme park since the fifties. I thought it crazy because they looked younger than fifty but for some reason I let that roll because I thought they were just isolated and not informed.

Then the ghosts came back and I was trying to find a tree because it was clear the place was actually haunted. I started to collect sticks for ghosts from branches under a tree but could only find pretty ones. The ghosts did not approve and made a vortex of wind that attempted to have me sucked me up from the town’s grounds.

I resisted holding onto the branches of a dead tree. Then I woke up when I was sucked up into the ghostly vortex.


All of this happened in a crazy dream.