Walk with Me

By Alejandro N. Marrero 1/14/2020

Walk with Me

Walk with me along this path
Let’s see how far it really lasts
Following the bends and all it’s curves
Making footprints on paths preserved

Look how endless the walk can be
Never worry you’re great company
And if this path comes to and end
We can change direction and start again

Walk with me till we reach a shore
A creek, a river or at an oceans door
Worry not wether we’ll return again
Everything’s precious even the ends

Walk with me to trails unknown
Where birds point the way in directions they’ve flown
And if the path is shrouded at night
Have no fear for I have a light

Walk with me my tired friend
It’s never too late to begin again
There’s always a direction for us to go
We can just to walk and take it slow

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