Would you look at that I’ve reached an amazing eight hours of sleep. From the reds of too little then yellows of almost go the homerun of green.

Of course I had to meditate and nap because I had to people today. Went to Petco to get some fish husband and I ordered and it was nice.

Then even saw some bulbs that were gifted to us for holidays I planted in green house shoot out it’s first blooms.

Paperwhite Daffodils

And yes that’s an actual Coconut Tree 😉 It’s from Hurricane Irma and when I moved it was just a seed and we planted it and in the summer it grew leaves so now its inside in a pot for it’s second north Virginia winter.

As far as sleep goes I’m glad I reached past eight. Though the new meds make me super tired its good that I slept.

Maybe after a week I’ll have energy for Yoga again.

For now I’m keeping my post short since I’m still a bit out of it.

But yeah sleep and blooms those are nice things 😉

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