I fell asleep close to Midnight and woke but around 6:27. It took an hour after taking the new medication for me to finally have my body suddenly flood out of no where with tiredness.

I was ranting on a previous post that I’d forgotten to his publish button even when I swore I did, on how medication wasn’t working. I was then suddenly unable to focus. My body felt exhausted and I knew i couldn’t even read if I tried. Took a sip of tea. Hit the bathroom one more time got in bed and did my guided sleep meditation. I remember not being able to breathe very well for the deep breathing beginning of guided meditation. Because yesterday was in close proximity to cat and I’m allergic. Guess I’m not going in the basement anymore without a mask. Anyways then I was out. Like passed out. Not on my side even though I always end up waking on my side but passed out on back.

Woke up from weird dreams or an internal clock Idk the tea was hot by my nightstand so husband had to of just placed it there. My dreams were forgotten before I could record them because all I wanted was my vision to come to focus. I would close one eye or the other. Drink more tea but had to just accept the headache and blurry vision was going to be something I woke up too.

It took about just under an hour before I could focus enough to read. I was like thank goodness. I’ll push through the headache but my sight returning was important to me. Anyways my vision is still a little out of focus but I’ll wash my face and put some eye drops in blow my nose and hopefully all will be well.

Now the verdict. I slept so that’s an improvement. I apparently didn’t have deep sleep and tossed and turned and my heartbeat was a bit higher than usual but you know what whatever I slept. Not seven or eight hours but I slept. So yay?

Well not yay yet. Blurry vision and headache remember. I’m also still so tired and headache and stuffy nose makes me feel like I’m battling a head cold. I feel lethargic but I’ve got to work on my MacBook Pro and get some stuff done. First drafts complete of my book now it’s going to get shredded and dissected or polished whichever way you look at it by Author Editing software. Picture over 100k words being highlighted in red green and yellow and a bunch of errors only a machine and expensive software can find. That’s going to be the case.

Anyways the point is I slept better even despite the side effects of waking up to blurry vision, a headache and exhaustion I’ll try and nap after five hours and see if I can make my way to eight hours of sleep for today.

Don’t know if there’s a change in personality or anxiety or any of that jazz cause well it’s been less than twelve hours since i took medicine and it takes weeks to notice that stuff. Who knows maybe you’ll realize it before I do. I’m going to chalk up the night like any night I sleep more than 4 hours as a mild win. Even more so when headaches gone and this weird super thirst is gone.

Anyhow carryon was letting ya know my first night back on ptsd medications lead to a bit more sleep a headache and blurred vision. Only the day will see what else it’s got for me in it.

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