Sunset Reminders

By Alejandro N. Marrero 1/15/2020

The sun sets the day has waned
Into twilight with cooler colored stains
Now that star has past this horizon
Birthing a night we now share with someone

Did you enjoy watching the sun set?
Do you remember how we first met?
When I traveled from sandy shores
To meet my happily ever after and what the north had stored

The days were shorter
The stars so bright
And in no time at all everything was right
My weight returned and new friends were met
In front of our first home every sunset

Now we’ve moved from that first house
To a bigger one at the end with a spouse
It even has a beautiful greenhouse our friends did stare!
For the friends we had met followed us there
For they were loyal and it didn’t matter the when’s or where’s
As long and you and I were truly theirs

Now some time has come and gone
Like the sun today and it’s waning songs
Yet though the twilight hues are cooler paints
In a made up bed we sleep with no complaints
For we know the sun will rise again
Now it’s simply night with more stars instead

So again the sun has set
Reminding us of how we met
From sandy beaches to mountainous scenes
We continue to wear our hearts on our sleeves.
Twinkling like stars we enjoy the cool breeze

We’ve change a lot of this it’s true
Yet life’s been better shared with you
For when each time the sun dares to set
I remember how lovingly we first met
That’s why we must treasure every sunset