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‘Promised Snow’ by Alejandro N. Marrero 1/18/2020

In the morning the dew was soft. Falling more like milky white mists of frost. Then the day began to warm And the promise of snow turned. Now the rain falls like sheets above our heads. Frozen and hard they hit and spread. Will this be our January? The sound is beautiful but is it necessary?
I’ve waited all year for winter’s promises.
Yet all I got was the cold and anxiousness. I want snow fall not rain drops this month. Too prove there’s reason for these temperature drops. It may not true but when it snows it steals cold’s bite from the air. Leaves me Enraptured at the white of it brushed everywhere. In the morning too tired to see. But the weatherman promised snow to me. I got all excited and left my bed. Opened the curtains to see rain instead. Now the day is fleeing I’ve waited all day. Will the rain turn to snow with the last of sun’s rays? No longer tempered by being above freezing. Will snow then come down to appease me? January rain storms they come and they go. Yet in the end all I wish for is snow.