My Canna Lillies blooming in Green House

In life we have our ups and downs. My mind and body certainly does. Still, there are things in the world that always make me smile. It is ridiculously easy! Plants! There’s something beautiful about gardening. I mean, look at this flower? Could any dress match that unfiltered color? Even it’s leaves have twilight filled purples. How can seeing this bloom not make anyone smile?

So needless to say, I went to my greenhouse and sat and wrote a bit. Fed my Betta fish and after I was done, I looked up and this flower was so bright I had to take a picture of it and grin. I couldn’t frown at it for it bloomed from the love I give my indoor garden daily.

I remember years ago, whenever I was sad or upset on my lunch breaks I’d go to Lowe’s garden center and just browse all the flowers and feel better. Of course I almost inhaled a bee that day, because I’m weird and have to put my nose to scent every flower. Not caring how it looks. I’d have my nose dusted in yellow and orange pollen by the time I was through.

So yeah maybe next time I’m sad or down. I’ll go to my greenhouse and look at flowers to chase away frowns and blues. Seriously garden it’s therapeutic for everyone even you!

Plus it’s Winter so while it’s grey, brown and sometimes white outside, underneath my Sansii Grow Lights my plants are doing great!

One of my therapists said how I’d light up when I talked about my plants. She was right and so encouraged me to garden more and I did. Loved it. Still do even if it’s a bit obsessively it’s a healthy happy habit.

Alright be well

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