Constellations above me

My week of experiences.

This week was full of experiences. I’m also tired and don’t want to spell it out. One of the things I’ve learned is Meds and Alcohol are a no go. At least not for me. No matter how long it’s been. Usually I’m smart about it and wait eight hours but if you’re up late drinking with your buddies then you can’t take medicine till you’re sober or the world will spin and it’s just not the right thing to do. Even if it’s benign like wine. I noticed the effects of the medications i take the night before really affect my behavior even if I’ve slept it out of my system. Makes me kind of I don’t know too Hyper vigilant, manic and anxious.

But whatever I’m trying to just focus on getting healthy right now. That’s why I’m back on the medication. The PTSD and Insomnia was just too much. Lack of sleep and terror spells don’t let you walk out the door for much even if it’s yoga.

It was nice that I wasn’t a whimp and got some new experiences this week but yeah most of them I sum up as fun and at the same time very manic. So my solution which is my terminal solution for everything is to try and not ‘people’ for a while. Just 48 hours of Netflix and books. I needed today and need tomorrow to be completely lazy too. No working endless hours on novels or anything that isn’t fundamentally important that I can’t avoid like eating and stuff.

I need my introverted batteries recharged so badly. Social media be damned. Well we can’t avoid it I guess considering this is social media but you know what I mean. Taking a bit of a digital and human detox from peoples is in order. Love them but yeah need self care.

Going to start Yoga back up this week so that’s exciting. Even some of my friends want to go. I’m out of practice so I’ll be like a new person and completely inflexible but it’s okay with my meds stabilizing my sleep as long as I rest up I should have the energy for some mind, body and spirit self care workouts like Yoga. Anyways I’ll chronicle that too.

Today’s first day I haven’t meditated in weeks but I’ll remedy before bed. Cause I’m hoping to spend everyday having Zen in it. Alright I ranted and rambled but what can I say it’s a blog. Be well everyone.


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