Rivers Regrets By Alejandro N. Marrero 1/18/2020

This river froths with turmoil from its depths
It rises swollen with my inner regrets
The thoughts flow swiftly through my heart
It tries to fill me as even it restarts.
As water can slice through the hardest of rocks
I’m viewing it all from the higher docks.
Closing my eyes I still hear it’s shores
It never makes sense what we adore.

This river is is turbulent
Like my thought’s relentless bombardments
We try to suppress this it floods for control
In the end my body’s been paying the tolls
I take a deep breath to find a calm center
Breathing in and out to banish the anger
For the river is raging and so is my mind
In my head I replay life’s traumatic scenes stuck on rewind

This river reminds me of memories long past
I aim for the source and slow it down to rest
Despite it all my knees hit wooded ground
The memories always try to swim back around
Though this time I’m ready and not backing down
No in this river I will never drown.

The river is swollen and filled with regrets
I’ve learned now to get up and deal with the wet
I’ll conquer this force by conquering myself
For no one else can do this nor is there someone else.

Instead I’ll turn inward won’t give up but try.
My will to live has kept me alive.
Believe me I’ll do more than survive
I’m determined and able to flourish and thrive

The river I’ll tame by breathing in and out
By contemplating silence and without a shout
I’ll find that center inside of my being
And cultivate stillness and peace’s bringing
An end to the turmoil my new life beginning
Therefore change direction now river for your off course
I’ve found my center serene and been freed of remorse
For though I’m the sum of all of my parts
My hands are washed cleaned now I had a fresh start

This river frothed with turmoil from its depths
It waters swollen earlier with my regrets
The thoughts that flowed swiftly once in my heart
With my breath they’ve scattered and broken completely apart.
The power was always inside me right from the start.
So even if water cuts through rocks.
It matters not for I’m up high on the docks.
I’m not getting soaked or hold water in these socks

Closing my eyes I still hear it’s shores
The river crashing and cresting to enter my doors.
Alas though I’ve learned and loudly implored.
It never makes sense what we’ve learned to adore.
Feet firmly planted I rise from wooden floors.
Only the present will know what’s in store.
For I am not nothing I am indeed worth more