‘Time Never Returned’

By Alejandro N. Marrero 1/19/2020

The hourglass has been turned.
Each grain of sand signals time never to be returned
For each second, minute, hour and day
Escapes us quickly to our dismay

We try and ignore this the passing of time
We pretend all the years have been nothing but kind
If they weren’t then hold up, no wait, ah never mind.
Go ahead, try and pretend to have more time

For years keep flying by and the older we get
We glance at mirrors and pray to forget
The lines get further in depth
Yes we view each line with more fear.
It may not happen today or even this year.
Eventually though the time catches up.
Collecting it’s dues as we apply more makeup.
Before you notice you return to dust.

Skin, once smooth gets coursed with hair.
Thiner, ghostly pale, losing color and fragile everywhere.
Vision gets weaker though we feel the stares.
Time comes for everyone no matter where.
It even takes the colors you tried to share.

Once I was younger and felt time was on my side.
Body toned, and lean which kept me so high
So many possibilities day or night
Time didn’t bother with its end so far from sight
This of course isn’t the way of my past.
For if I had a choice I’d paint it different and fast.

Though I’d like to think there’s plenty time still.
In the end we’re impervious to the universes will.
You can walk a mile in my shoes if you wish.
The light fades no matter if or how the shoe fits
Either way it’s so hard just to sit.
The lazy throwing time away as they waste all of it.

Yet people do sleep most of their lives.
Night dreaming or daydreaming by the cycle of skies.
That didn’t happen for me despite their lies.
Sleep rarely graces these tired wired eyes.

Now in the present, we’re truly alive.
Do you stay in the moment or let your mind wonder?
Did mindfulness flee you now that you ponder?
Ignoring the painful passes of time.
Knowing it’s all gone by so fast with nowhere to hide.
We continue pretending that nothing ever dies.

The hourglass has been turned.
Each grain of sand signals time never to be returned.
It’s unfair we all knew it
From the very start of it.

Lets continue to grow they say
As the night gives birth to yet another day
For as the time fades
Grays increase betraying our age.
Even still I’d like for all of us to stay.
I’d love us to continue always reading this way.