By Alejandro N. Marrero 1/21/2020 #poetry

’Our Mountain Retreat’ by
Alejandro N. Marrero 1/21/2019

What would it take to live humbly by a lake?
What would settle this yearning ache?
A cabin wouldn’t be too small for two people this tall.
Yet, timber a plenty to remodel it all.
The forest, mountains, and lake at our call.
The stillness and silence, reverently removing our walls.
A quiet kind of peace away from people where snow and leaves fall.

I look around the place we have now.
It’s ginormous and grand
Was also a hard place to land
Isn’t this what it’s all about?
The bigger the better while the busy world shouts.
Still, I want to farm and write.
You want to deep down to build things with wood and your might.

I’m dreaming of a more modest home in the woods.
Where the birds, cricket, and wolves sing their tunes.
Isolated away from the messes of the world.
We could even swim or stare at the streams or lake water.
We’d have all we need with yes, solar power.
I admit we’d need internet too
In our humble home for me and you.

There are hurdles to go through for every dream.
Like paying off this house that takes all our steam.
Yet, every time I go to the top of a hill.
I look at the mountains longingly still.
I love our friends, the aquarium, and this place.
Though somehow my mind’s daydreaming of going further in its headspace.

I want a forest, a cabin and lots of land.
To till the soil and tame the forest with our very own hands.
We’d clear out enough to have lots of light.
To grow vegan edibles and eat them every night.
Life would be modest the door wouldn’t ring much.
In the isolation, we’d find that a graceful peaceful, and appreciated touch.

The world is big, though, I’ve not seen enough.
I search and search for a place inexpensive that need our touch.
With cozy fires and chopping down wood.
I’d not feel loneliness if next to me you stood.
We’d miss our friends this much is true.
Yet how wonderful they are we know, they’d visit too.

One day we can even have kids of our own.
Show them there’s more to the world when things are grown.
Trees are prettier than cities and easy to climb
It would be a life with none of the big cities’ crimes.
We’d teach them honesty and never lies
We show them stars burning bright like fireflies.

One day in our off-grid Cabin, farm, and lake.
Our family would be whole that nothing could take.
Our kids would grow up into healthy adults.
We’d let them explore the world, maybe hope they’d go to school.
Though if they decided to stay we still would be happy for sure.
For our bodies would grow old and their help on the homestead would be understood.

I dream of cabins in mountains with lakes.
A little humbling courage is all it would take.
Maybe remote jobs you’d have to permanently take.
As long as we’re together always and forever we can have our cake.
There’s nothing that can stop this from happening ever.
So when I wake in this big giant house.
I’ll dream of a farm, garden, lake, and more humble house.
For into the woods where the quiet heals more.
I’d be with you and just as the birds fly our hearts would soar.