Me without contacts or glasses so this picture probably looks awful but whatever. Always good to know there’s a person and not a bot behind the curtains of a blog.

Today I spent the day writing even yesterday. I know, I know. I said I’d relax but apparently one can only be in bed so long before the room becomes and oven. Yup winters equal full sun in our bedroom. Three windows and two sky lights. Even my room can grow plants which is giving me now all sorts of ideas now.

Anyways I don’t have much to say. I’ll be lacking in substance today. Slept in cause I’ve got a bit of a cold and couldn’t stop reading till three am. But hey I got eight hours! That gave me enough energy to make a video log post that took all day to process on the YouTube fun stuff. Basically refreshing like a maniac over and over for twelve hours before I decides to just airdrop it to MacBook and upload it there. Took all day to figure that out. What can I say? Learning the workings of digital media didn’t grant me a brochure.

Alright tomorrow hopefully I’ll write some poetry and work on my book some more after epic eight hours or more of sleep. I’ve got to admit the medication changes are helping.

Alright I’m out of things to type about after all I was just going to post a selfie.

Be well ❤️

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