Didn’t sleep well last night. It’s something I’m starting to see as a pattern. I’ll have my good days of sleep since restarting my ptsd medications. Then there are days where I barely get enough sleep to function. Now five hours is okay but my heartbeat was racing all night and morning. No deep sleep just basically restless in bed. My thoughts have been so scattered. I talked a bit with my friends about my ptsd yesterday and medications. For some reason that triggered me. I feel this overwhelming urge to shut everyone out. Well except for my husband. I just I’m not sure but I think that sometimes having a friends live too close is almost an excuse to people more often and open up to them. Which we should don’t get me wrong. We should always have an honest dialogue with our friends. Yet I feel sometimes should be left unsaid. Self care ya know? Anyways I’m going to do some floor meditation that hopefully grants some naps afterward. This way I can feel rested, my mind clearer and less anxious. Meditation it works I’ve yet to achieve enlightenment but for now I understand it’s healing side effects. Well enough said. No VLOG planned for today I just have a headache and am tired. Wish me a good meditation session. You my lovely readers are appreciated.

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