#writingcommunity is this common for your novel’s and books?

It was 9000 before lol! And yes I’m running windows on a MacBook Pro

My novel is 112k+ words. It’s around what I heard is the sweet spot for Fantasy novels in regards to word count. Are 8k+ errors common?

Now, I admit. I do not use any authoring or editing programs until I’m done with the book. Too me, it’s too overwhelming and a distraction. I’m also used to macOS. I am always writing my novels on #Pages.

Then when done writing my work on Pages or the Notes app, I embark on editing. I restart my mac holding the option key and start-up Windows and throw it in Microsoft Word with Grammarly. For editing purposes, of course. Seriously, I am always shocked by the number of grammatical errors. Well, not too shocked. I have no formal college education, still surprised as heck!

So tell me is this common? For your novels or writing? Are you like me and write first and edit after?

I’m genuinely curious.

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