By Alejandro N. Marrero 1/29/2020

Leafless Sighs

by Alejandro N. Marrero

Glancing around and up, no leaves on their branches.
Winter’s touch stole their colored advances.
Now they vein their silhouettes from up above.
Nothing growing then, for Spring hasn’t begun.

Looking East the sun does indeed rise
It’s light not long enough for winter’s demise
Cold snaps and warm teas
Chase away the shakes in our knees
For Winter is nowhere near done
And all the leaves have come and gone

Focusing west I see the rest
The day wanes and coldness sets
No warmth to follow in its wake
For temperatures drop invoking trembles and shakes.
Of this we must endure.
For Spring will come with its welcoming cures.

Glancing around cold scorched skies.
It’s looks like every tree has died.
Yet all of them wait in truth in slumber.
Hoping to not be hacked into tinder, or their branches torn asunder.

When finally Spring does return,
We’ll see the buds awaken and born.
The shakes will settle and trees set free.
To grace us once again with leaves.
Then the canopies way up high
Will burst with blossoms of spring’s gentle sighs.
How I wait for leaf filled skies.