By Alejandro N. Marrero

Broken Inside by Alejandro N. Marrero 1/30/2020

I’m broken inside
Always looking for ways to hide.
Riddled with sharp peaks and steep dives.
Why can’t I thrive?
It prevents me from being aware.
Please don’t stare.
It’s serious and real.
Overwhelming and filled with fear.
It divides my heart in tattered tears.
Still no miracle medicine found for repairs

I’m broken inside
It shows often on the outside
My hands tremble and shake
The beginning of a body and mind earthquake.
The fissures are deep
They drop me to my knees
I don’t need more help, give me privacy please
Praying and wanting release from the fear
Pushing away all the things I hold dear
Never finding it easy to achieve.
I meditate hoping to find some relief

I’m broken inside
It’s truth and not lies
People forget it all the time
Only because the cast is on inside.
They’re not there when it happens
For I leave when it does
Running back to my home to take off the gloves
Hopefully no one noticed this time
Body shaking, moments crippling my spine.

I’m broken inside.
Doesn’t mean I want to die
For the opposite is true
I want to thrive with all you.
For its never enough
To be beaten to dust
I want to sprout and grow
Live happily and go with the flow
Sadly I’m not the same as all of you
I’ve been broken by terrible truths
So when I hide don’t freak out
Give me space and never shout

For I’m broken inside
It’s not all the time, but please let me hide.

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