Beginnings and Ends by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/1/2020

At the beginning and end
I don’t try or pretend
I sit cross legged and pray
For myself and others every single day
For I’m seeking peace
Sweet tranquility inside of me

In the beginning and the end
With interlocked fingers and knees bent
I start watching my breath
Hoping I’ll rest
For peace is the goal
And life does collect its tolls
Yet in meditation position I pray
For myself and others all day

At the beginning or in the end
I feel we shouldn’t pretend
We should find life’s sweet balances
Release our inner turmoils and rise to the challenges
For our hearts and minds were once pure
And Peace really is the only cure
For not just me
But for all of us you’ll see

At the beginning and end of my days
I sit cross-legged and pray
For a time to manifest
Where all beings are blessed
And yes then maybe I’ll get much needed rest
Passing life’s hardest tests.
So smile you see.
It’s quite simple and easy.
Make others happy and be kind
Leave the past far far behind
Follow your breath and find peace
That perfect tranquility

At the end of our days
The ones who pray mark the ways
For peace and bliss
Kindness the reason to exist
So wether you pray or not
Kindness and contentment is a lot
You need only try
With wings imagined all of us can fly.

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