By Alejandro N. Marrero 02/02/2020

Karmic Panics by Alejandro N. Marrero

When you met it was magic
You threw out the panics
You loved your second chance
You’re sweet do-over and second Romance
He’s was fully a man
He was from your homeland.
It didn’t matter he was darker
Because even shorter he made you feel taller
You could finally move on
You could give birth to a son

When you met him he was magic
Nine months and you won it
Had a child and he was perfect
He had your chin and doe brown eyes
He loved you even when he was nesting inside
He skin was a mix of your and his
He was your son and your second wedded bliss
You’d no longer look to the past and miss
You lost your anxiety
For this was a person brought from inside of thee

When you met her you were grateful
The past so distant you could forget it was shameful
Because life began anew
You had everything wanted surrounding you.
You had a husband, a son and a daughter
The strongest and loyalist father
You breathed a sigh of relief
Devoted it all to fruition of your feverish beliefs

When your son grew you knew
That there was something different and true
That the past would cycle back again
For it wasn’t a matter of where but when
That terrible past
Had caught up at last
He’d be evil and or worse gay
No matter how much you’d devoted time to pray
So you did what you thought was right
You argued when he came out at night
Chased him out with a kitchen knife

When you met him again
He was so different than he’d been
He loved you still
Even if you kept him outside your window sills
It didn’t matter that you harmed him
For he new how to love you without limits
He understood your regrets
He understood you wanted to forget
He was righteous and true
He grew up to be better than you

When you saw him again.
It wasn’t an amen
Now you’ve lost his only sister
Because you kicked her out in anger
Gained a granddaughter and Grandson
With them you finally won
And you held them close then
You panicked because you couldn’t pretend
Your love wasn’t enough to stop the end
You’d given him the curve
He came back without a sister you pretended the ends deserved.

When he calls you now you see
He hasn’t forgotten any memories
He loves you because he’s mightier than you
He’s known for his absolute truths
When you see all you’ve done
It’s a miracle he’s not come undone
He continues to call
Even when he’s grown to be so tall
He’s the magic you met
He was the reason you stopped the panic
He believes in resets

So simple you see
He’s everyone of you and me
He’s grown up with a heart that’s still light
He’s gone now because he never chases a fight
He’s the best part of you
Even if you left him this is true
For even without you he stands
His life bringing smiles to several lands
At night when he cries
He keeps it all in the insides

When you met it was magic
It ended all your panic
He was true and real
Nothing religion couldn’t steal
Then you gave birth to his seed
And with it you carried misdeeds
Yet with him kicked to the curve
He loved you undeserved
Because he’s better than true
He’s the best parts of him and you
He has a heart full of light
He never lets darkness triumph over night

He loves unbound for its true
He’s grown up better without you
Yet he loves you either way
Even if you didn’t approve he was gay
For he was born this way
His love is real and true
He’s grew up better without you
Yet he still loves you
That’s truer than true
Ask anyone that knows him
Kindness is his synonym

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