Never Going Back by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/3/2020

Two auspicious fishes
To grant benevolence’s wishes
Two glorified carps
That don’t swim in the darks
It’s funny how now you understand
Not like quicksand or my tans
That you’d wish for something you already had
A person you destroyed real bad

To suspicious these wishes
For your tired broken promises
Two glorified and epic lies
As you pray for what’s between thighs
It doesn’t matter that I’m gone
It matters to you that I won
Always the sorest of losers
Couldn’t make up your mind or choose us

Two fictitious stories
One so old it lost its glory
You cling to memories long gone
Go ahead I moved along
And yes I carried on
I left the wrongs behind my back
Carrying nothing but a backpack
Never looking back
It’s serious as a heart attack

Two delicious this meal I set
It’s prepared with honestly and well met
Because I didn’t fall for your charms
I left your wandering violent arms
I look for mountains in my view
Yes a place away from you
So don’t you dare reach out and say you cared
I’m never returning back there

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