Hands Extended by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/3/2020

Keeping my hands extended
I find balance to kick it all away
The terrible traumas
The things you repeatedly said
With poise I chucked you far away
This time you’re gone not invited to stay

Is my life worth it?
Feeling unworthy bit by bit
An attachment to things I’d thought I’d be
Instead I stare at the endless seas
Wondering when I’m coming home
A home the world has barely shown

Keeping my hands in my pocket
All okay with these faded jackets
I’m terrible at pretending
Or even sleep or anything worth attending
I wake up in a daze
Medications dimming the mornings into haze
All the mental balance to keep pain at bay
It’s better being numb in a way

Is life worth it?
Now that I’ve found one who lets me sit.
Keeps balancing me bit by bit.
Without you I doubt it.
Since you’re brave, strong and true
You’re never letting me down are you?
Your the foundation for my happy
Does that make me codependent or sappy?
I think it’s both to me honest
As I lay back to try and rest
I can count on you to love this mess.

Keeping my balance, hands extended.
The tattered past now amended
No need to chuck anything faraway
As you love me completely this way
Flaws and all you deal with my condition
So lucky to have a sidekick on this mission
As I lay back to battle sleep
It’s your presence I’ll always keep

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