So I’ve been back on my meds for a month now. Well almost. We will say nearly for accuracy. I have had better sleep which is good but there’s one thing that negates it completely. Wine. Although I don’t drink wine in excess even the smallest amounts will mess with my sleep and doesn’t interact well with my meds so I don’t have any meds for three or four hours after my last sip of wine and am sober so that it doesn’t interfere. It doesn’t matter though anything aside from NyQuil will make me feel awful and toss and turn and have nightmares and give me a headache and stomach aches. So I guess wine has to go even if it’s trivial and not partaken much. Doesn’t matter it messes with me too much. Guess I’m going to have to be a saint and not even drink. Cause even with a glass of rose with a neighbor even if it’s hours and hours before bedtime I don’t sleep. Sometimes I wonder if my friends will abandon me if I no longer drink and I know they won’t but we get together a lot and usually like all the tv shows it’s over wine cheese and hors d’oeuvres. So guess I’ll just be the dutiful host and not do anything but make everyone feel welcome and stick to water. Anyways this is what a little wine does to my sleep (see pic) sorry sleep is more important than the occasional glass of wine.

Insomnia sucks

2 thoughts on “Keep finding out stuff the hard way

  1. Out of curiosity, do you feel that it’s the alcohol content of the wine that interferes? Or perhaps any of the other ingredients that make it up? I’m just wondering if a viable solution would be to try a blend of non-alcoholic of de-alcoholized wine so that you can still enjoy the social aspect of it, without interfering with a good night’s rest…

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  2. I’m not sure. I had a neighbor come by Sunday and we had two glasses and I slept 9hours that night. Yet yesterday I had two glasses and slept four. I think that virgin wine is a great idea though! I’m not a heavy drinker regardless so giving up isn’t a hard thing. Though I can say I’ve now had to give up caffeine as it kind of increases anxiety. Been off coffee for three weeks. Went to caffeinated tea. Now I’m strictly no caffeine teas and without sugars or honey. It’s a process my friend to find what works best. Only two of my meds say don’t take with alcohol and so I wait for hours before I do. It’s just some days I sleep well other days I don’t. Could also be citrus too as it affects meds but I’ve been avoiding hat except for garnish on shrimp.


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