Mind Wandering 2/6/2020 By Alejandro N. Marrero

The mind always in a state of wanting
My thoughts perpetually wandering
Out in the distance I’m sure
Way beyond the hills are the cures
Dreams and hopes to endure
Wanting solitude rarely understood

The roads are forever winding
Twisting and turning I keep climbing
A vantage point so I can see
The distance swears to me it’s free
Nightmares don’t follow me there
Harshness won’t follow if I dare

The time has kept me aloft
It’s hardened me not made me soft
I bide my time with rhymes
Even if now I can’t have wines
Medications to grant me sleep
Still elusive as apathy I greet
No tears falling on these feet
All can admire the feat.

The mind is always in a state of wanting
Somehow I can never stop wondering
What does the horizon have for me?
I keep climbing higher, hoping to see.
Will silence give us all peace?
Will solitude set us free?

The quiet’s been arrested by the dark
There’s nothing left it’s quite stark
As twilight descends on the view
I find myself staring a moment or two
Will what’s ahead be much better?
Like soap will it make water wetter?

In the distance my eyes do glance
For in its futures we dance
Always in love with the chances
In my head the distance advances
For nothing can damn up these thoughts
Relentlessly wishing for them to stop
Still the wandering of this mind.
In the end we can only be kind.

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