Angel’s Pledge by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/9/2020

On my knees soaking wet
Everything I touch becomes a mess
I unfurl my wings as they drag me down
Promises I make so you’d never drown
My muscles sore and justly strained
The effort to shield you from all the world’s pains

A jingle of bells always gets our attentions
Some would say it’s an Angel’s protection
Head bowed I pick up my halo from the floor
I’ve served you so long and deserved so much more
Instead you want what all the others do
Power, glory and a little fame too.

I spread my wings, give them a beat and take flight
Feathers drying in dawns early light
Higher and higher I ride the currents of air
Miles above where no one can see me there
Even from this distance so high
I can still anchor my gaze to your eyes
I shudder thinking of all of your lies

It would take but a flap of my wings and be free
Your sins would be further and farther from me
Yet where would an Angel really go?
My purpose is yours as you already know.
Like a dream I descend back down to this place.
Feet touching ground with angelic grace.
I swore an oath to protect, defend and to serve
The finality of it must be observed.

On my feet and with wings arched impossibly high
I have a purpose to fulfill each night
Your mortal and soon your time will expire and pass
Until then I’ll make due with our transient past
I’ll grant you blessings and watch from even the shadows.
Healing you when in want like a balm of sweet aloes
When finally you’ve lost your need for me.
I’ll take flight again and truly be free
That is until the next prayer summons me.

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