Alright clearly I love gemstones. Something about how thousands and millions of years clay and other stuffs turn into these beautiful things makes me feel good.

You know we go through stuff all the time and we may not see it all the time but it does make is tougher, stronger and in many cases more beautiful. At least it’s what I’d like to think.

Anyhow on the never ending quest for healing, peace and tranquility I’ve collected gemstones. That’s about as stoned as I get. With actual stones lol. I meditate with them. I understand people have all sorts of various opinions about them. Some say their healing properties are hogwash. Others swear by their metaphysical potencies. I personally think ‘energy goes where attention is given.’ You get what you want out of them.

For me if a piece of quartz can power a watch it makes sense they have latent energy that may serve a higher purpose. Also I think they’re shiny, pretty and cool. I think of them in practical terms. As a collector and hey if they have some cosmic mojo I’ll take it!

So yeah I’m going to try doing some chakra meditations even though I’m not one-hundred percent believing of them. Hey now don’t judge. I have no supramundane powers so I’m being honest I can’t see them. The theories all are commonly understood and accepted in various belief systems and I’m not saying their not there. I’m just saying I’m not enlightened. I’ll try everything and anything under the metaphysical sun that is safe and healing in intent.

So I’m going to lie down in a bit place the colored stones along the areas where the “chakras” are and hope for the best. At minimum gemstones are cool to the touch and maybe laying so still that they don’t move I might get some Zen and Zzzs

I’m on five hours of sleep I’ll take all the peace I can get. Oh yeah and gemstones. Xo

So pretty!

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