Emerald Eyes by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/10/2020

Those lying eyes
They look so bright
They speak of transgressions made at night
No need to fear he says
I never bite, no need to be scared or filled with fright
Go ahead I’ll show you just turn off the lights

I reach up to flip the offending switch
Those eyes graze my skin, making green glances itch
I stop before I turn the lights off
Thinking now of what I’ve become
What you nearly had me done.
You won’t bite you say again
I don’t believe you of this I’m certain

These tired eyes are dark not green
They may not be as beautiful but they’re never mean
My chestnut depths are made for the light
Never the dark as my skin thrives on sunlight
No I’m not afraid of you
I just know exactly what that switch will allow you to do

Your eyes pristine emeralds like a shallow sea
Promising delights I’ve never seen
I have this intuition though
And before you ask the answers still no
For I need not bite or bark
To know you’d hurt me in the dark

I look away from eyes so mean
There’s nothing in them but empty scenes
You’ll lose interest when you get your prize
Of this it’s easy to surmise
I’ll leave the light on so I can see
No is no, now leave me be.
For I cannot always control the light
But this very night I’ve survived this fight.

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