Miss my Sis by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/11/2020

I love you little sis
Yes you’re very much missed
Your calls on our birthdays
The songs we sang those days
Now I hear them and they remind me of what you’d say

I wish you were still around
It’s not fair your six feet underground
You deserved better than what you got
They try to purge you from their minds but I do not
You should know your kids are doing great
I shield them often from any lies or hate

They say with time your image fades
That’s a lie for yours always stays
Your height, smile and narrow face
Mirrors my own when I meet my reflected gaze
Everyone could tell we were related
No on ever dared or ever debated it

Time has long passed since you’ve been around
It’s been a while since they put you in the ground
Yet I’ll never forget the good things you’ve done
I’ll miss you forever even when I too am gone

No matter what the monsters say or do
I miss you little sister this is true
You’ll never fade from my mind or heart
Even when your death tears me apart
For I know wherever your soul will be
One day I’ll join you in united company

I miss you little sis
I’m sorry for our parents hands in this
I’ll keep your kids safe from the streets
No matter what they’ll never live like we did
For we’ve got the means and ways to help
We’ll gladly rescue them from anything dealt
For kids should never be thrown away
Their precious in each and every way

As tears fell from my eyes to your casket
I made a pledge to never forget who caused it
I miss you little sis I always will
Just remember my pledge from that solemn day
I’ll never let my niece or nephew live that way
For no life should ever be thrown away
No matter the beliefs we should let family stay

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