Phoenix Rebirth by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/12/2020

It began as a dark pile of ash
No wind would disturb it’s littered mass
Then the grey darkened and started to smoke
It melted into dawns oranges as flames awoke
Slowly the pile transformed into shape
Evolving from the dust left in its wake
The puddle of molten reds burst into flames
Fires reaching higher and higher as it came
Then the fountain of heat coalesced
Stretching out wings that were fire blessed
From there talons and a beak did shimmer
I dared not turn away from the dazzling glimmers
The pile of ash reduced into nothingness
Left it’s wake was a rare bird of magnificence
The form now corporeal and vividly clear
A Phoenix arose from ashes gracefully near
It’s eyes were beautiful orbs of wisdom
On knees I begged to be taken to it’s kingdoms
The firebird looked like magic and let out a cry
It’s song completely piercing the sky
It cocked its head to see into me from each eye
It did this by moving it’s graceful neck side to side
Then with one flap of its flaming wings
It blessed me with warmth that cleansed my sins
It landed on top of my shoulders to perch
Leaving behind a pile of scorched earth
I dared run my fingers through it’s flame licked feathers
They didn’t burn me instead made me feel better
For now that pile of dust did transform
Into a friend and Phoenix that took form
With its gaze it spoke into my mind
It told me I’d always be reborn each and every time
So goes the story of how I met my new friend
An immortal Phoenix that would guard me till the end.

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