Huntsman’s Sigh by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/13/2020

I’m a hunter
Does my waxed and polished bow hunt you?
Did you do me wrong
Was I hired with crowns to string along
The owls my familiar
It’s perched on shoulders so peculiar
Yet with its night focused and set eyes
I’ve never lost this quivers strikes

I’m a huntsman
Leather is my armament
Stealing from gents not peasants
For a life of glory needs money well spent
My cowl is back as I search the skies
My ears fine tuned better than untrained eyes
This day my catch will feed me well
Before the toll of midnight hits witching bells

I’m your archer
Heaven couldn’t be farther
As I’ve got a life to lead
Further and farther than life usually gives
It doesn’t fade as day bleeds to night
It doesn’t prevent me from catching flight
From branch to branch
With arms so deft there isn’t a hold I’ve left to chance

I’m a hunter
My bow is pine
It’s easily found and easily mine
I care not for stories for survival is my truth
I’ll bring you game cooked well enough for two
As the sun sets I’ll find a bard
He’ll sing my stories far and broad

I’m the huntsman
My fame renown
I’ll teach you stealth and how to own
These coppers on my tunics tied
Are bathed by leathers by victims hides
For I’m an archer my aim is true
At least you’re not my mission too

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